About Landed

The idea for Landed was inspired by the footwear we wanted to wear.  Footwear linked to classic styles with versatility, comfort, and tuned to perform. Landed was born out of the outdoor lifestyle and the need for versatile footwear to get you from town to trail, and everywhere in between. 


At Landed our footwear design process focuses on three areas: People, Performance, and Planet.


Comfort is key to each pair of Landed. Landed footwear begins with our proprietary F3 Ultra footbed at the core.  Our podiatrist approved design is anatomically tuned to keep feet supported and happy all day. Our footbed is designed to adapt to the foot of the wearer and will naturally compress to give the foot a neutral position. Each shoe is designed to provide a spacious fit that allows for the toes to splay out while exploring. 


We design and craft products we believe in. Products we can stand behind (and in). We believe versatility is essential when it comes to footwear. Our goal is to design footwear that has multiple use cases and performs as well around town as it does on the trail.


From the Wasatch Mountains and Red Rocks of Utah to Portland’s Forest Park, the areas we roam play a large role in our design and development.  We believe in creating footwear in a more sustainable manner, there is too much waste, too much reliance on products and factories that only have profits in mind.   At Landed, we started from the beginning with goals and plans to make better products that are better for the places we explore, and to continuously push ourselves to improve.  We have a long way to go, but we are proud of where we are at. 


We believe in the pursuit for improved sustainability in product. We strive to utilize premium materials in order to decrease our impact and improve our footwear. We are striving to improve – not perfect, but we focused on continuous improvement. Here is a closer look at some things we are doing. 

Rubber: Our rubber is made utilizing a blend of natural and synthetic rubber (50/50). The rubber also contains the additive, Ecopure®. Better performance, natural materials, and an innovative additive that significantly increases the biodegradation if/when the rubber enters a landfill.

Upper Materials: Our canvas, suedes, and leathers are selected from industry leading suppliers.  Select 

materials are left over scraps from some of the bigger shoe brands. 

Insole Foam: Our insoles utilize 30% recycled foam.

Shoelaces: Our shoelaces are 100% recycled PET.  

Packaging:  Paper products used in packaging are FSC certified and recyclable.


Exploration inspires us to see the world and to make it better.  As a company we strive to make footwear that fuels great experiences and allows us to make positive impacts. Part of those goals is following through with Landed Gives Back. We have committed to donating 1% of our revenues to causes that help communities experiencing Poverty and Inequality.  We plan to transparently report that donation each year. Check back for more details.