Landed Footwear is excited to announce that we are seeking passionate individuals to join our team as brand ambassadors. If you have a love for adventure, a love for quality footwear, and a strong social media presence, this might be the perfect opportunity for you!

As a Landed Footwear Ambassador, you will have the chance to:

Represent our Brand: Showcase our stylish and comfortable footwear in your unique way, sharing your experiences with our products.


Collaborate on Campaigns: Participate in exclusive marketing campaigns and promotions, collaborating with us to create engaging content.


Receive Exclusive Benefits: Enjoy free products, early access to new releases, the potential to make some money and other exclusive perks as a token of our appreciation for your dedication.

How to Apply:

Follow Us: Make sure you are following @LandedFootwear on instagram or facebook.


Email Us: Send us an email at, tell us why you want to be an ambassador.


Show Us Your Work: Post creative and high-quality content (bonus points for featuring Landed Footwear). This could include photos, videos, or stories that reflect your personal style.


Use Hashtags: Include the hashtags #LandedAmbassador, #TimeToExplore and #LandedFootwear in your post(s).


Tag Us: Tag @LandedFootwear in your post(s) to ensure we see your amazing content.


Not everyone that applies will be accepted, but we fiercely appreciate your support either way!